Red Snapper is now high on my list…. delicious

My spirit animal….lol #xboxone #gamer

No #sdcc tickets so consolation prize is playing #destinybeta till I pass out

that is double day workouts right there

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Incoming Storm… by ljholloway photography on Flickr.

a woman who suffers no fools

I’m not tipsy…. I am just smiling #pour-a-looza (at The Pour House)

Pre-Party for tomorrow’s POUR-A-LOOZA at The Pour House (at The Pour House)

It’s after midnight and I just left a concert time for some Taco Bell#munchies

should we tell the kids where we’re going yet? Standing in line at the #brunomarsconcert (at Susquenna Bank Center)

MEMENTŌ by DaizyB on Flickr.

Morning Americano in progress