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I love cinematic photography….
It drives me

A strange statement because I take so few images that resemble that type of photography
I should probably remedy that

color and b&w seem like two totally different images

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The creator of the cartoon strip “Wee Pals” was Morris “Morrie” Turner (born December 12, 1923). He is the first nationally syndicated African-American cartoonist. Raised in Oakland, California, where he still resides, Turner is the creator of comic strip Wee Pals. He grew up in West Oakland and attended McClymonds High School; in his senior year, he moved to Berkeley to finish his high school years at Berkeley High School. When he began questioning why there were no minorities in cartoons, his mentor, Charles Schulz of Peanuts fame, suggested he create one. In 1965, the strip Wee Pals became the first comic strip syndicated in the United States to have a cast of diverse ethnicity.

A piece of history we aren’t supposed to forget!!!

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Sunday night Boardwalk Empire Season 2 began with a BANG!!!
so me and the boys headed into the garage/studio and did a series of shots
Hope you like them

Dash is so gangster
It comes so naturally to him (happy go lucky, but a born bully)

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you have permission to drink beer and do nothing….
enjoy every second
you earned it