Kira by hildrethphoto on Flickr.

picture perfect


Alexah by isayx3 on Flickr.

I want to do this with my boys


"True Romance" by Magdalena Wosinska for Urban Outfitters

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The Stare on Flickr.

Ladies of Trek on Flickr.

These Are My Goggles …. This Is My Water Gun on Flickr.

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How can a 6 year old look like a teenager …. Hmmm

Joy & Happiness on Flickr.

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Starting Weekend Early Checklist:
- Hang With Kids
- Pack Espresso Cups and Beer Mugs
-Play Video Games
-Drink Beer
-Watch BRAVE
-Hang Out with Sister

Have a Great Weekend (might not post tomorrow…. because no one is watching anyway…lol)

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